Strengths and Weaknesses in Digital Marketing

Strengths and Weaknesses in Digital Marketing

Rules of the game remain the same,
it's the strategy that you make according to your cards.

Getting the most out of anything is possible if it is used the way it is meant to be used. Having a clear picture about our own abilities helps us to avoid getting ourselves into things which are either beyond our capabilities or way too basic to be considered as an achievement.

Inorder to plan our activities we need to know our strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of things which are considered as our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing their various types with technical aspects can help us understand when and how we can use them.

Various types of Strengths and Weaknesses:


we already know:

Our key strengths are the type of strengths on which our whole idea is based. When we begin the process of planning, we base everything on what we are confident about. Whether it is something that we already possess or our abilities to acquire it.

After getting a better idea about what’s out there we have to re-evaluate our strengths. For every feature we have to decide if it is really something that we should be relying on or do we need to do certain amendments.

If initial steps are followed properly it's a very rare chance for a major change in our key strengths. However, we have to re-evaluate them and discover our additional strengths. Especially the ones that we can link together to enhance the impact of our key strengths.

Similarly, our weaknesses should also be re-evaluated to know the ones which really matter. Such weaknesses may restrict us from certain types of ventures so it is very important that we keep them in consideration each time we are planning any activity.


What additional
Strengths we have:

During the process of Research and Analysis, other than what we already consider to be important we also come across many more important elements. Out of those we have to look for the ones that we already possess but due to some reason we have not considered them valuable. We have to also include the ones that we can easily achieve.

In this whole activity we have to make sure that they are worth being considered as our strengths, as there could be a number of reasons behind them to be rated well; which includes market trends, long/short term shortages etc. If their potential is short term or a high saturation is expected by the time we start pitching them, we have to consider them only if we can make use of them at the right time.


The new strengths
that can be added:

During our research where we find strengths that we already have and the ones that we can easily acquire. We also get to see things from new perspectives, such exposure helps us discover a lot of elements which are given great importance by those who matter to us.

In this step we highlight the elements that can have a significant impact on our performance if they become part of our strengths. These elements are further classified into three types:

1. Critical elements or must haves that we need to acquire
2. The elements which are not critical but they are good for getting better results
3. The elements which can enable us to compete with a stronger competition

Importance of each of these elements becomes more if they can help us get rid of a weakness or minimize its effect.

Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis at Maksoft:

We study our client’s business model and compare it with the trends of Digital Market to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Through Digital Marketing we can reach various segments of the market where the experiences can become completely different. This makes it very important for us to evaluate all elements that we take as our strengths with respect to the latest Digital Marketing Trends and alternate options available in those market segments. By the help of this evaluation we can differentiate between the Market Segments where our services are likely to be preferred upon the alternate options and the market segments where we have less chances of being preferred.

Similarly, sometimes what we assume as our weaknesses and put in extra efforts to fix can turn out to be something that doesn’t matter at all. So this evaluation can help us save our time and we utilize our Digital Marketing Efforts for doing something more beneficial for the business.

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