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What is Brand Storytelling

Your Brand's Story is the story of your brand's journey to reach where you are, the plan to take it farther, and most importantly, the process to deliver the best, narrated in a way that gives people a reason to believe in you.

The process of launching a brand is a whole journey. It’s not just a business plan, as businesses can be done without a brand or even a name. When we talk about brand storytelling, we are talking about a great deal, which involves the whole process behind crafting ideas into a reality. The point where we can practically work on branding is achieved when we have great confidence in our concept. The same level of confidence has to be reflected in the story of our brand. Our brand storytelling should be powerful enough for our audience to get the same trust in our brand.

The story of a brand also includes a strong plan that makes all our efforts worth it. The plan is only worth it if our actions show our capabilities. In our brand storytelling, we link our brand story in the visible areas where our branding tells our audience how and why our brand is worth their preference.

What is Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the narration of a brand’s story in the Digital World, involving the projection of thoughts, real-life events and experiences through digital media. Digital Storytelling adds depth and perspective to effectively project real-life happenings in the digital realm, creating a relatable and engaging narrative.

Digital Storytelling is the need for Digital Marketing, where we clearly define the brand's story that has to be reflected throughout its online presence and ensure that our content for Digital Marketing complies with the Brand Story.

Narrating a Story in Digital World requires significant experience and excellent skill sets. Even if we have a great story and quality content, we can only make a strong Digital Impact if we produce it well in the Digital World.

How to Narrate the Brand Story:

The brand story, especially the one at its initial stages, is something special about the brand. The special thing that made you believe that you can do it and that special thing narrated in a way that makes others believe that you are good at doing it right. It's not just about being able to do it, but it's more about confidently doing it in a very special way. The brand story includes where it is headed, what processes it follows, and the efforts behind ensuring its success. Many brandsare launched daily; they all have high hopes and great goals. But only a few reach their desired destination. So, if our narration doesn't deliver what makes us special, we cannot make much of a difference through our brand story, and we will be considered just another random brand.

To narrate a powerful brand story, we need to know the facts and figures, which includes good research and access to the brand's insights. While narrating a brand story, we put together valuable facts and figures meaningfully and clearly. In this process of brand storytelling, we are also streamlining various operations to make the brand stand out and enhance its efficiency.

How to define your Brand Name:

If your brand already has a name, you must see all the options available to represent your brand online. The most important factors are the availability of relevant domains and nullifying the chances of getting mixed up with something similar already there. Whether finding a similar option for an already existing name of your brand or naming the brand from scratch, It is always discouraged to have a brand name similar to some existing identity that people know well. Even if you are going to do something far better, it will take a lot of time for people to register you as a better identity rather than an inspiration of something they already know.

While selecting a name for your brand, it is very important to know why you are making a certain selection, it must have coherence with the model of your brand, and all your actions must be well linked with it to make a good impact. All these criteria are good for defining a good name for your brand, but nothing should stop you from being there and making a difference. It is better to do the possible homework, but in the end, you have to make it work with what you deliver.

What is Brand vision:

Brand vision is the basic thought behind its idea and the motive of its whole journey.

Brand vision represents the center of its emphasis and how it intends to make a difference in a specific area. Brand vision makes it easy to develop a strong relationship with all like-minded entities by facilitating them with a system to fulfill their desired needs.

A brand's strategy involves many activities being performed at various stages. It is impossible to understand a brand's direction just by observing its various activities. Having a powerful brand vision gives meaning to all activities being performed. One can easily relate actions of a brand with its vision to get a better understanding. Brand vision must be defined very carefully, and it has to be followed throughout the journey. Along with many other means used to check a brand's credibility, one of the easiest ways is to see its honesty with its own vision. This makes it very important to keep all actions in line with it and avoid taking any steps against the vision of the brand.

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