Digital Brand Identity

Digital Brand Identity

With all the planning that we do
we stand nowhere unless we are able to execute it.
Digital Brand Identity of an entity reflects its image over the internet and facilitates its viewers by making use of technology.

The entity could be anything like an organization, business, person or just an idea. It might have a huge physical presence or it could be a thought or a digital entity.

Regardless of its type, the purpose of establishing a strong Digital Identity is to ensure that its viewers get multiple reasons to give it a preference over digital identities of its competitors. Our digital identity starts playing its role right from the first contact with its viewers and keeps on playing its part throughout the journey of interaction. As internet users always have a lot of options available and they can easily move from one digital entity to another, retaining the visitors is a demanding task. Different visitors have different purposes of interacting with us, it's our job to keep it simple for all types of visitors by providing them a great experience and facilitating them in getting their purpose served.

In the process of Digital Identity Representation, a strong Digital Representation over important digital platforms, including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, relevant portals and marketplaces is developed while keeping in view the available resources and constraints.

Efforts are made to show the best possible image of an entity to the viewers and provide relevant details including various types of data and resources.

Whenever someone is browsing through our Digital Identity, unlike a physical interaction we do not have any option to ask them what they need and provide them the solutions. Everything has to be done through our digital profile. In order to provide answers to all types of queries, we have to put in as much information. But, our viewers cannot be bombarded with a lot of data at once and we should never make things complex for our users. Everything has to be well organized in the form of categories and subcategories.

How to develop a strong Digital Brand Identity:
Here are some of the practices that can be used for developing a strong Digital Brand Identity.


the type of profile

First of all we need to clearly define the type of Digital Identity that we are going to build, as we need to make use of various platforms and tools accordingly. It could be anything from a simple introduction to a complex interactive platform. Based on its complexity we can get an idea about how much time it will take. Which further helps us in deciding whether we should aim for establishing it in one go or we should divide it in several phases and keep updating accordingly.


private and public information:

The purpose of sharing information is to keep things easy for the viewers and help them in finding answers to their queries. While sharing any information it is very important that the information act as a tool for answering the questions rather than making things more complex. For example, there could be a lot happening in the backend till we finally launch something but, we only share proven conclusions not some incomplete theories that we still need to conclude. Other than that there are a lot of our internal matters that we keep private.


Define an
agenda for updates

We have to keep our Digital Identity up to date. Whenever there is something important we have to keep updating our profile accordingly. It is very important that we define a mechanism with a criterias of how we are going to make the updates. Where we define how a specific type of activity is going to be reflected at each of the platforms so that the same image is reflected throughout our Digital profile. All achievements matter whether big or small. But, while sharing an achievement it should be highlighted as per its importance. Sharing all our little achievements should never obscure our major key differentiators.


Data Organization:

The flow of viewers within our Digital Identity is based on how we arrange all the elements. As we have to keep things as simple as possible, good data organization is a must. We should differentiate between more important areas and the less important ones and arrange them in respective categories. All sections should be easily accessible and well linked to their relevant sections where accessing the details should never be a problem.


Provide maximum

While talking about growth we should always take good care of those who get associated with us. Based on the nature of our entity, they can be our clients, employees or users of our entity. Our aim should be to provide them reasons to be a part of our Digital Identity while keeping our approach towards maximum facilitation. We can do this by making good use of technology and providing them quality content, based on how they are connected with us.

Develop your digital brand identity THE WAY IT MATTERS

Digital Brand Identity can easily be improved even without any extra efforts, we just need to define a direction

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