How to start Digital Marketing

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How to start Digital Marketing

There is a huge difference in getting a product/service right away or getting it after going through a certain procedure. Especially when it comes to services like Digital Marketing, determining the right deliverables becomes a challenge by itself.

Due to the versatile nature of Digital Marketing we can not define any firm terms and conditions until we reach to a point where we can lay out the Executional Strategy of Digital Marketing; in most of the cases we can not even use any predefined approaches as the Digital Marketing needs for every business are different and non-identical.

Initial approach for Digital Marketing:

Inorder to move forward with the initial steps of Digital Marketing, it is ideal to use a flexible approach, while defining and refining the process as we move forward, until we get a better picture. The key is to keep the Digital Marketing Efforts productive and adapt to a flawless process. The approach should be defined solely for the business, while keeping its structure and available statistics into consideration. Each step must be kept aligned with the business operations and any extra burden should not be added to its operations.

Digital Marketing Correspondence:

The Digital Marketing Agencies and their clients, or in a more generalized way those who have to take care of Digital Marketing and those for whom it is being done, have to be on the same page throughout the process, roles should be well defined and no hurdles should be faced due to unclear dependencies. It is only possible if the correspondence is done in a highly professional yet comfortable way.

Tips for Effective Correspondence:

Following are some of the factors that play an effective role, if kept under consideration by the Digital Marketing Agencies while corresponding with the clients. Clients may also go through them and see if there is something that can bring ease to them if asked from their Digital Marketing Consultants.

Get to Know each other

A basic introduction of those who are doing it and those who are getting it done can highlight various important segments of information, which can be helpful in establishing a trusted relationship. It also helps in providing the opportunity to raise questions and clear various reservations beforehand, which sometimes save us from a lot of future inconveniences.

Get an overview of Digital Marketing Process

It is the responsibility of Digital Marketing Services Providers to give an overview of various types of services included in their offered solution, along with the possible approaches involved in the process to deliver those services. It gives a better understanding and clear perspective to the stakeholders, while making it easier for them to make right decisions.

The questions asked during this type of correspondence become a source of instant feedback which helps in keeping everyone on the same page.

Clear Expectations and Commitments

It is very important for the Digital Marketing Services Providers to tell their clients what they should expect from them and it is also completely fine to say no to something that cannot be delivered. Sometimes agreeing to something without understanding the details sets false expectations, Which doesn’t usually end well.

It is always good to ensure that the commitments made from both sides are clearly understood by each other. Sometimes things are not communicated very clearly and only a part of the deal is understood. This can be avoided very easily by repeating what you understand and what you expect while concluding every meeting or correspondence.


The key to really make things work is to start documenting right from the beginning. Each type of documentation has a certain value and influence on the process. The documentation should be in appropriate formats where retrieving any valuable information should never be an issue. Different types of conclusions drawn should always be kept in an easily accessible format which should be arranged in a way that duplicated efforts can be prevented easily.

At our Digital Marketing Agency, we ensure to keep our clients on the same page while keeping it simple for them to understand the various steps involved in their Digital Marketing project