Digital Marketing Problem Statement

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What is Problem Statement in Digital Marketing?

The Problem Statement of Digital Marketing for a business or any other entity;

"Identifies the Potential Areas of Digital Marketing that are underutilized, the needs of the business that Digital Marketing can address, and the priorities to be given to those areas according to their importance"

Basic Benefits of Problem Statement in Digital Marketing:

With the help of a well prepared Problem Statement, it becomes easier to understand the following elements of Digital Marketing


Sometimes apparently a successful Digital Marketing campaign is not doing any significant favor to the business. All Digital Marketing efforts may go in vain if they are not serving their actual purpose. Problem Statement helps in avoiding such scenarios, by defining various types of success factors


No matter how well a Digital Marketing Campaign is performing, there is always great room for improvement. This makes it very important to pay more attention to the critical areas and the areas with more potential; instead of struggling to improve the state of affairs of the areas, where shortfalls do not cause any harm.


Defining the problem statement of a Digital Marketing Campaign not only helps in determining the right direction of efforts but, also helps to synchronize all our Digital Marketing Efforts with each other, the overall business model as well as its operations. This reduces the chances of extra efforts for performing the same activities.

How to write the problem statement of digital marketing?

In order to write a strong Problem Statement of Digital Marketing, performing the following activities can be a great help: of Digital Marketing, performing the following activities can be a great help:
Business Analysis

Get a realistic idea about the existing state of business to know where it stands and where you see it in short/long terms. The parameters of such analysis includes strengths and weaknesses of the business, an overview of the competition, and the challenges being faced or expected to be dealt with.

Needs of Business

Highlight various needs of the business that can be addressed with the help of Digital Marketing, which includes the needs for sustainability and the needs for business development. Here, it is very important to understand that sustainability needs can never be ignored. However, the priorities for business development needs may vary from time to time.

Digital Marketing Potentials

Different areas of Digital Marketing can be explored to achieve different types of objectives. Analyze those areas in the perspective of your business to Identify the potentials of Digital Marketing that are favorable to it. This will also help in exploring new dimensions of progression and methodologies for addressing the shortfalls.

Digital Profile Analysis

Analyze the existing Digital Presence of your Business to understand where the business stands in terms of its Digital representation. Based on its existing condition it can be further decided how to steer the direction of Digital Marketing while making the most out of what has already been done.

Digital Marketing Integration

Based on what Digital Marketing can do for your business. You should be able to understand the placement of digital marketing in your business operations. On the basis of its standing in various operations, you should determine where and how you can integrate it with the respective departments.


On the basis of various steps discussed above, it becomes easy for us to write a powerful problem statement of Digital Marketing, where we can easily define the key foundational elements. In simple words the problem statement for Digital Marketing is to define where we stand, what we should be headed for, and how we can make it possible.

The problem statement of any Digital Marketing Solution not only includes the Digital Marketing Services our clients want us to deliver, but it also includes the gains our clients expect for their business. Before looking for a Digital Marketing Solution we pinpoint the exact problem and areas that need to be addressed.

Defining the Problem Statement for Digital Marketing, helps you achieve the best results from your Digital Marketing Campaign