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Once a structure of a web design is ready it is given a theme according to the type of website. Theme of a website defines its characteristics and gives it a distinctive feel. Various design effects are added to express different moods. Various objects of the same type are given a certain style throughout the website this style identifies them but it must have a harmony with rest of the objects. They can be given a certain shape or border. Decorative elements are also added to objects to make them more attractive. While creating theme of the web design its different elements like background, Wrapper, header, navigation, banners, and text areas are given styles. The style is given by adding background images, patterns, borders and shapes to these elements. Adding small variations to the theme plays an impact on the overall feel of the website. Sometimes changing just one background image affects the overall feel of the website. Theme of a Web Design is created by adding tone to web graphics, adding borders to the objects and using specific shapes which can unify different elements. Theme of a website enhances the effect of its content and makes it more visually interesting.