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The chances of success for a well planned website are always more than the chances of success for an unplanned website. It has been observed in many cases that most of the websites which are started without paying any attention towards a proper plan are unable to show the desired results. Before designing a website it is very important to know the purpose of the website or in other words the targets to be achieved by the website. After determining the right targets a brief strategy must be established in order to meet those targets. Setting up the right targets and formation a right is only possible if an effective plan is formulated before starting the project.


An effective plan links the process of Web Design, Web Development and Web Marketing together and they are carried out while aiming towards the right goals. It helps in determining the series of actions along with their occurrence stages and dependencies which makes it possible to foresee the issues that might arise during the execution of the plan and their solutions are determined in planning stage, which keeps the processes smooth. Ultimately an Effective Plan not only helps in achieving the desired goals but it also saves many of the hassles that are likely to be faced during the execution of an unplanned project.