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It is human psychology that we pay attention to anything that gives us a pleasing effect in viewing. Beauty and balance in objects is found everywhere around us and it influences our perceptions. The best example of influence of Aesthetics can be observed in Nature. Just observing the beauty of nature gives us a pleasing effect and we can look at various objects of nature just for the sake of mental relaxation. This makes it clear that aesthetics of an object defiantly attracts its viewers and willingly or unwillingly a positive feeling is developed in subconscious. If we look at this phenomenon in the perspective of market, good products launched in a market have a great attention given towards aesthetics. Although there is no level of perfection in their aesthetics but, whenever any advancement is made, along with the features and usability the appearance is also improved.


Aesthetics is a major tool for successful web design and it is used to enhance the impact of a website. While browsing internet in search of a specific thing or information an internet user comes across many websites, once the visitor happens to land on a website that is visually attractive the user might give it a look even if the services are not of his interest. The design aesthetics is also used as a source of communication. A good design communicates a theme, mood and feeling to its viewers. The visuals of a web design create an immediate effect and sometimes unconsciously produce positive feeling about the website.