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Success of a website is dependent on the number of visitors landing on the website and the number of visitors engaged after landing on the website. Type of audience is dependent on the marketing strategy mentioned in the project scope. The audience of a website varies according to the marketing plan of website, existing business standing and quality of services. The audience of a website may be divided into certain types according to their importance. While creating a web design, the basic emphasis is kept on addressing the types of audience that must be engaged.

Behavior of Traffic coming to a website from different sources is different. Source from where the traffic is coming to the website is what makes them click to land on the website. Website visitors are expecting to find the content according to the query or attraction that made them land on the website. Content is prepared according to major traffic and their area of interest. While doing the audience analysis it is also very important to study the services or attractions that the audience is already being offered by the competitors and efforts can made to offer the audience competetive attractions and services.