Marketing Information Gathering

Information Gathering

If you want to market or sell something, it is very important to have product knowledge. Same goes for Digital Marketing. In order to create a strong Impact it is important for the Digital Copywriters to first know the important facts and figures. Thus in this process, all sufficient information is gathered to cover various areas according to the project scope.

Information is extracted from already existing marketing copies and company profile. Market analysis is conducted and profiles of various competitors are also analyzed. Facts and figures are further verified from the client and all necessary details towards highlighting the strengths are gathered by extracting simple question and answers from the data of Initial Consultation Process. Format of the initial gathered information is in raw form which contains information like answers to the questions that the audience might have in mind, facts and figures that can play a major role towards attracting the audience, profile of the business including past achievements and history, success stories and the basic message that the Digital Marketing Copy is intended to deliver.

Result oriented Digital Marketing Plan need facts and figures; in Digital Marketing Information Gathering we gather all useful information