You have already tried hard but, if you are unable to achieve the desired results it means that at some point you made a wrong move. It could be anything from setting up your target to selection of approach; and every single effort you have made afterwards. Giving a thought to the following points might be a great help for making your next move right.

Analyse and point out the weaknesses 

It is never too hard to find one’s own faults but, it’s harder to accept that you were wrong at some point. Once you are ready to accept the fact that you could also be wrong, you can easily find out the areas you need to improve. Sometimes what already worked out for you might no longer work. If you will keep sticking to the same approach just because it has been beneficial in the past you might lose some better options. So, fair minded analysis must be done while giving a second thought to all aspects.

Success is yours just find it 

What you can see from the point where you stand could not have been so easily visible to you without being here. Experience teach you what you can never learn without experiencing. You must look at the broader perspective, you have developed a better understanding and what you have learnt today was never possible without coming this far. So, by the end of the day success is still yours. 

Make the right move

Finding your success in every scenario doesn’t negate the requirement of hard work and improvement. You have already paid a price don’t pay it again and again. Always stay hopeful but, high hopes won’t lead you anywhere unless you learn and make the right efforts. It is very important that things are done in a better way whenever you make the next move.

Don’t let your fear hold you back 

You must overcome the fear of falling and don’t let it hold you back. Timing of your actions counts a lot. It’s good to be a perfectionist but, sometimes chances are missed while giving attention to those minor issues that doesn’t even make any noticeable difference. Everything must be done at its right time. How you perceive your challenge today might be correct but there is no guaranty that it will stay the same by the time you actually face it. So, whenever there is an unnecessary delay, chances of success are decreased.  

If not today, you will get recognized tomorrow 

Where you stand today might not be acknowledged or appreciated by others. Never get distracted by how others perceive your progress, they have nothing at stake. You are the best judge if you know you are doing it right, don’t let your decisions get influenced by others. Those who discourage you today, will appreciate you tomorrow. Your success will erase every reservation they have. Just stick to your plan and keep doing the right job.

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