Facebook comes on top of our minds when we think about social media. Branding and marketing our businesses on Facebook is now extremely important because in today’s world people don’t open their browsers and type names of websites to go to a particular website of a business. Nowadays people either Google the product/service they want or they click the business’s page on Facebook to check out the products and services. If you want to keep people updated about your business, emailing isn’t the way to go anymore, but you need to keep updating your Facebook page so people know about your existence and stay updated. You can direct clients to your site via Facebook.

Why do people Like, Comment or Share

If you are a business on Facebook you will want more and more page and post likes and similarly even more post shares. But that isn’t necessarily meant to happen if you don’t plan your posts according to the psychology of Facebook users.
In today’s fast world people are getting lonely because there is lesser and lesser time to interact with people and more and more work to do and mostly it’s on digital world. Everything is going digital and our emotional needs have started to depend on digital approval. “Like” acts as an approval. People post to get likes and feel good about themselves. But when is it that they “Like” someone’s post or page? The answer is simple:

  • When they see a post that they like
  • Something that they can relate to and want their friends to also know
  • When they want to stay updated or in touch with some page

Similarly comments are made when people have something to say. The more engaging your posts are the more comments and likes you will get. Moreover if you reply to comments on the page of your brand, then it will give a personal touch and people will feel more connected to you.

People share those posts in which the content is in coherence to their opinions. Or it is a very interesting post that they want to share with their friends. So you need to know the interests of your target market before drafting a post.

What can Facebook do to your business

Positive feedback on this platform can bring you customers. Just make sure that you are approaching the right market and you are forwarding your company’s values through every post.

When someone likes your page, it doesn’t mean they are a client but their liking it might lead to clients. When someone comes to your page and see that their friends liked your page, they feel safe to like it as well. And while making a sale the number of friends who have liked your page and other people’s views about your page matters a lot.
So make sure that you have a loud and clear message and a happening presence to stand out of the crowd so people remember your name before making a sale.

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