As the saying goes “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”, the truth is no different. Digital Marketing isn’t just a thing you do while having fun on social media and on the internet in general, you need to plan how you will go about it, when and where etc. When Microsoft acquired Nokia the CEO of Nokia ended his press conference speech by saying “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost”. Sometimes doing nothing wrong isn’t good enough, proper planning allows you to do everything right to survive and excel in the market. There are multiple mediums for digital marketing as the world is digitalizing at a rapid scale and covering those with proper planning is important otherwise you will lose a lot. Some of the mediums are:

  • Website and SEO content
  • Blogs
  • Online videos
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Thus keeping each one into the loop depending upon the type of your business and planning the marketing strategy to make full use of each is extremely important and following are some of the important reasons stated out.

To Have a Direction

If you plan your marketing then you plan your audience, market, the goals you want to achieve and the time span in which you want to achieve them. You also do the digital marketing keeping your competition and the latest trends in mind. Failing this, you will keep on doing the digital marketing blindly but it will either confuse your customers or it will produce very limited results.

To Avoid Wastage of Resources

The more you are directionless the more you will waste time and money on things that aren’t even necessary or are obsolete now. The trends keep changing and you have to be alert at all times. Making use of digital marketing is tricky if you don’t plan it properly because you can easily get lost in the sea of other businesses instead of standing out.

Market Share Analysis

You won’t be able to understand customer’s digital demands without analysis and more importantly you may not realize your own market position. Without strategic planning you might be targeting the whole market of the wrong niche market in either case you don’t offer a specific product/service to your own real target market and hence you lose market share drastically..

Keep Market Share from Competitors and Start-Ups

If you are not spending time and money on digital marketing planning then it means you are going about the target on ad hoc basis and start ups and competitors are going to eat your digital lunch as their market will be more goal oriented and will hit the target like an arrow.

Relationship with Customers

Gone are the days when the marketing was all automated and straightforward. Now you need to plan how to create friendly and trustworthy relationship with customers, because if you don’t then you won’t catch any fish in the sea. Now businesses need a face, some way to allow customers to be able to interact for example Social Media.

To Avoid Disintegration

Marketing on each platform differently, vigorously somewhere and not at all at other places can harm your business.Of course it’s hard to cover up everything when you are going on without any proper plan or strategy. You need to define your strategy and do marketing only where necessary and in whatever amount necessary.

To Stay Ahead in the Game

As emphasized above all the factors allow you to stay ahead because the competition is strong in many cases and new companies are emerging day by day with fresh minds and motivation till the sky. In this case your savior is only a good strategy that allows you to adapt to changes quickly and keeps your marketing updated. If you think that you lack these skills then there are many marketing agencies that can help you with that.

So in short, Having the right direction and a map is of utmost importance before actually jumping into the marketing game. Analyzing and assessing the market is the first step for marketing and it has been in practice since ages ago. You may not have a business degree or marketing experience, but if your planning is good, you can reach a huge chunk of market with a lot less resources used.

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