Digital Marketing was easier a few years back when there were only a few platforms for digital marketing. But now a days people have to add HR for social media marketing because the platforms are too many and traffic is too much. In order to stay in the scroll limit of your  audience it is very important that you must keep posting and catch the eye.

This doesn’t discourage small businesses and start-ups who don’t have enough resources to add for their Social Media Marketing. All they need to do is smart digital marketing. If they learn by observing trends of various social media platforms then they will not have to keep posting at all times and come up with new content every second of everyday.

Best Days to Post: 

Here is a very different and intriguing finding about the traffic on social media. Not every platform is busy on all times everyday, but there are specific days of maximum audience according to the type of platform. For example social media linked to business is most visited on weekdays like LinkedIn. Similarly more consumer based platforms are busy during the evenings and weekends.

  • Facebook: Most busy on Thursday and Friday.
  • Twitter: Busy on almost all days but for B2B you go for weekdays and for B2C you go for weekends.
  • LinkedIn: Most visited on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • Pinterest: Active on Saturday Evening 
  • Instagram: Good on all days with slightly more clicks on Thursdays.

Best Time to Post: 

Believe it or not there is actually a best time to post on each platform. If you time your posts strategically, you will be giving your posts best chance to be seen, shared, liked or followed. However, everyone’s target market is different. If your target audience is in another country then you need to study that accordingly. The place of your business, the type and your post content all matter in reaching the audience that you must find out. You can use different tools to check the best time to post for your target market but generally following observations are made.

  • Facebook: 1 PM for maximum shares whereas 3 PM for maximum clicks and 7-9 PM generally.
  • Twitter: 6 pm and 12 PM for maximum CTR and 5 PM for maximum retweets.
  • LinkedIn: Most clicks and shares on Tuesday 10 AM –  11 AM
  • Pinterest: Saturday 2 AM-4 AM and 8 PM-11 PM
  • Instagram: 2 PM-3 PM

Some General Tips:


  • Give paid ads to your target market by offering them packages and discounts that will attract your audience.
  • Respond to fans in timely manner.
  • Give reference to pages that you are discussing.


  • Follow new people daily
  • Keep a check on keywords and mentions
  • Hashtag #hashtag
  • Respond to tweets actively
  • Post to influence retweets


  • Status updates a few times every week
  • Keep updating company profile
  • It can help you to research prospects
  • Scan industry groups weekly


  • Add keywords in your pins
  • Add boards that attract your market and clients
  • Follow new boards
  • Link your pins back to your website always


  • The first thing that matters is aesthetics
  • Follow more and more influential people
  • Share good posts on insta-stories and share a lot of stories
  • Hashtags Hashtags Hashtags
  • Keep the content lively and attention grabbing
  • Post as much as you can

This however is not a rule, times keep changing very fast especially in digital world, trends change at a very fast pace. Whatever work today might change with time, just like Google+ has completely gone out of grid. However, there is no exception to the rule that if you post smartly according to user trend you will save yourself a lot of time and effort in achieving the desired results.  

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