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Structure of a web design is the placement of all the objects on a website and their relationship with each other. An individual part of a web design might look good if seen alone but once rest of the objects are placed on the website it is very important to maintain a relationship between all the objects and make them look good not only individually but also have a relationship with each other and none of the object looks should look out of symmetry. Size and location of the objects is decided on the basis of their importance. A special attention has to be paid towards alignment, distribution and placement of various objects to achieve an overall balance in the design. This doesn't mean to fill all the spaces with content it can make the design too busy so it is very important to have enough white space which creates a breathing room and a place for the eyes of the audience to rest. Objects of a web design in a whole must have an equality of weight, attraction and attention however, to increase the visibility of the important features that the audience must notice they are highlighted and positioned at the most attention grasping positions while maintaining a good relationship with the rest of the object. Adding plenty of white space around an object can also make it more highlighted. To achieve balanced structure one must consider the alignment of every single object to create an overall sense of formal harmony.