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Every Project consists of a set of actions performed in order to achieve certain objective. Outcome of every project depends on aim of the actions carried out while executing a project. This makes it very important to define the right goals before starting any project. Before starting a planned website project efforts are made to define project scope. Scope of a website project defines the goals of a project and actions to be taken in order to achieve those goals. Goals of a website project not only include successful completion a website but it also includes formulation of strategies to bring visitors. Goals of a website project also include performance monitoring and improvising.


Scope of a website project must be defined after clearly understanding the client's requirements. Once the ideas, requirements and information are clearly communicated they are analyzed and shaped into a proposal leading towards the solution. Scope of a website project lists down the features, functionality, purpose and type of the Website along with the set of actions that are needed to be taken in order to bring target audience to the website. The scope of a website plays a major role in smooth execution of the website project. Issues that might arise during the execution of the project can be foresighted and hence their solutions are determined well before time.