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Website is an active medium where the success is totally based on the actions taken by its visitors. While browsing through a website, the visitors are going through a phase of exploration. During exploring a website if its visitors lose interest they always have an option to move to another website in search of the right answers. Content of a website tells a story to its visitors and creates an impression about what it represents. It has been observed that normally people do not go through all the content for creating any perception. They only acknowledge the important areas and if those areas have what they are looking for, they go through rest of the content and detail to draw any conclusion. For making the content of a website Impactful for its visitors, it is very important to understand what content should be displayed on the website and where it has to be placed.


For creating a positive impact it is necessary to display the content in an appealing way. Most important content has to be determined and highlighted while creating a good linking throughout the website. What content a website has is different thing than what impression a website creates. A website might be having plenty of interesting content but, if it is not displayed in an attractive way it might fail to create a strong impact. For creating an impactful content, one must aim towards keeping the content appealing to retain the attention of its visitors till the time goals are achieved.