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Keywords are a set of words commonly called search queries. A keyword could be a single world or may also be multiple words. Internet users type these words into search engines and as a response search engines display relevant results. With the help of keywords internet users can view web links, videos, images, map locations and paid content.

Selection of right Keywords is the main foundation of the whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. Search Engine Optimization campaign cannot be successful unless right Selection of keywords is made in the beginning of Search Engine Optimization process. The whole process of Search Engine Optimization depends on the Keywords so, every step of Search Engine Optimization has to be done while keeping in view the Keywords. Most of the people assume that they know the important keywords for their website. But in actual no one knows about the exact keywords unless they do a proper research and analysis.

Before stating the Search Engine Optimization of a website we help our clients in selection of effective keywords. After conducting research and analysis, we provide a Keywords Research and Analysis report in the beginning of every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project.